As you see, we are in the midst setting dates,
planning details and looking for volunteers to organize trips –
So let us know if you are interested.
SCOL Board members and past Event Chairs can help give guidance in the how’s & what’s to do!

Running a Trip is a great way to get to know your fellow Club members
and make some awesome new friends along the way!

MLK Day at Holimont  |  Monday, January 20
A joint event with Leaderhosen Ski Club

COORDINATOR:  Peggy Schill  –


Annual  SCOL Party at Holiday Valley  |  Saturday, January 25
details to come!

Contractors Day at Holimont  |  Friday, January 30

COORDINATOR:  Paul Fournier  –

Bristol Bus Trip  |  Date TBA

Steve Korn  –  |  Murray Covello –

A SCOL Night at Kissing Bridge

Swain Bus Trip

Peak N Peak Bus Trip

NEW THIS YEARCockaigne Bus Trip
watch for date to be announced

CHAIRMAN:  Sue Peacock  –

Pot-Luck-of -the-IrishSaturday, March 21
Holiday Valley

CHAIRMEN:  Ken Schultz

NEW THIS YEARCross Country Ski Day at Byrncliff
check back for details & date

Tom Weil  –  |  Brenda Covell  –

Last Chair at the Valley  |  Date all depends on that snow 🙂